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Метаморфозы иллюзий (импровизации). Графика. Рисунок

О работе от автора: Магический фольклор, декаданс, постмодерн.

Lydmila Dakhova (graphic artist)

The dynamics of senses and images

Any of my opinions is subjective. Emotions that appear can't be described by the words, but
they can be described by the verses or music. It can't be described by the words, because
the emotion that appears varied and changeable. It is varied, because it is close to
different themes in philosophic understanding, and it can be used to different applied
things. It is changeable, because the picture evoke non-homogeneous feelings in various
situations and with different mood. Every time it causes the new feeling. The value of
picture is in it's dynamics of senses and images. So all my works differ one from each other
by sense's dynamics. The facts and the practical discrepancy of crestedness of the world are
obvious. If we look into the cosmos, we can see that even in the borders solar system the
crestedness of the space disappear and becomes two-dimensional. There is no substance in the
cosmos in the role of base for existing. In the cosmos, there is an ideadeveloping, that has
the form of substance while it is close to the Earth. This substance can be characterized by
the time and space. The main for the man is tendency to save himself in Eternity, to save
himself as an idea, to save soul (realize himself).

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Метаморфозы иллюзий (импровизации)


Дахова Л.

Год создания:

туш, перо, картон



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